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We are backed by more than 130 years of expertise in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. From the start, we’ve poured our passion into the process of creating masterpieces and depended on the best experts to extract the highest quality from nature.

Experience and passion are our most valuable resources when it comes to creating the finest and highest quality olive oils.

The origin of Carapelli’s extra virgin olive oil

The world around our Extra Virgin Olive Oils is extremely appealing. We take you to Italy, with its art and its masters. Are you coming?

What type of olive is used the most? Where do they come from? Learn everything about Olive Oil.

These recipes are not just tasteful masterpieces: they are an invitation for you to take more time for enjoyment. What do you want to create today?.

Some olive oils were born to win over palates and receive awards. Here are those with the most honors.