Carapelli 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Traceable Production

Transparency and traceability are fundamental principles of Carapelli’s sustainability approach. The privilege to be welcomed in the kitchen and hearts of the consumers is an honour that carries much weight for us. Therefore, we have made a commitment to ensure that Carapelli bottles are produced and distributed in a transparent and traceable manner – one in which consumers received the detailed and verifiable story of its journey, from groves to table.

To bring this reality to life, we have partnered with the leaders in such technology, such as IBM and the company’s Food Trust platform. Our Carapelli 100% Italian product for example, features Blockchain-backed QR code technology which guarantees traceability, empowering consumers with trusted verification of origin and quality.

Never before has olive oil conveyed so much information: Olive oil lovers can now receive information, education, and enjoyment with a visual journey of discovery into variety of olives grown by our dedicated farming families and the expansive world of unique flavors that come together to create the premium taste of Carapelli extra virgin olive oils.

Thanks to the adoption of Blockchain technological innovation, QR codes and other accessible digital technologies help us extend traceability and transparency in all aspects of our quality and production to customers in a verifiably tangible way. As a leader in the industry, it is our responsibility to take on groundbreaking initiatives and set new standards for the industry and network.

Carapelli 100% Italian

Tuscany offers some of the best sensations in the world. The sun, the land, the aromas, and the flavors have a unique Italian flair. When you try Carapelli 100% Italian, the wind stops blowing, the sun comes to a standstill and life seems to slow down. A perfect blend that guarantees a warm flavor with a fresh finish. Scan the QR code on the bottle of this olive oil to discover your olive oil’s origin, quality, production and many more information validated by Blockchain technology. Never before has an oil told you so much!

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