Carapelli Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Sustainable Production

To further support farming communities, we have developed a Deoleo’s Sustainability Protocol and partnered with the independent testing body Intertek since 2018 to institute an EVOO-certified production program which inspects, tests, and verifies Carapelli’s holistic approaches to sustainability across four areas: social, economic, environmental, and quality.

This measure ensures decent employment that promotes inclusive entrepreneurship, food safety and optimal quality production. It additionally comes with our pledge to preserve water, energy, soil, and biodiversity. Some of the initiatives we are most proud of to date, include using soil as a carbon sink, defending against soil erosion and structural degradation, and addressing issues of substrate compaction and nutrient optimisation. We are confident that as we continue to evolve and expand our efforts, we can better protect local environs and care for our world, while continuing to deliver on our promise for an exceptional final product that has been created from a place of love.

Deoleo’s Sustainability Protocol is an expression of our love for the land, respect for the olive grove and a commitment to Growing Together with farming families, enabling them to thrive while ensuring they play a critical role in our mission of environmental protection.

For us, Growing Together means holding ourselves to the highest level of accountability for the benefit of people in the communities in which we work – as well as delivering the utmost confidence in the quality and assurances in the transparency of our final product.

Carapelli Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Sustainable Production

Century-old olive groves, rich in history, are the basis for creating this unique Italian oil. Its golden-green color and fruity taste are crafted through the painstaking selection of high-quality olives. Carapelli Original Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from a sustainable blend of “cold pressed” extra virgin olive oil made of a selection of high-quality olives. The process for crafting this sustainable Extra Virgin olive oil has been passed down from generation to generation to enrich your everyday cooking.

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